Friday, September 26, 2008

Facts of the Day

There have been $1.5 billion in contributions to US Federal campaigns by financial services industry since 1999.

$180 million in contributions and lobbying by FANNIE MAE and FREEDIE MAC from 2000-2008.

That a nation's parliament or congress can be bought off by bribes/"donations" is a sign of a 'third world' nation.


Marcel said...

A heads up.
Tuesday after Ramadan.
The text addressing the nature, location and timing of the planned attack, although specific to the U.S., appears otherwise ambiguous. For instance, the timing appears to focus on the Tuesday following the end of Ramadan, which would be October 7, 2008. The nature of the attack is less clear. Although the author appears to talk about a strike greater in magnitude than the 9/11 attacks and makes reference to the possibility of it being nuclear in nature, the text references to the nuclear aspect of the attack appear somewhat muddled.
In terms of the location of the attack, it is clear that the author identifies both New York, as the financial capital of the U.S., and Washington, DC, as the nation’s capital, as being both desirable and affected. It is interesting that under analysis, the details of "the attack" referenced by the author are nestled within the text of instructions, rather than being prominently placed to serve as an overt warning as seen in the past. The relative subtlety in which the targets and type of attack was referenced is most interesting from a historical and analytical perspective.

Who is the idiot in charge who left the U.S. borders wide open ?

John said...


I don't know if you're quoting or if you wrote your entire comment as Ramadan (this year) takes place for the month of September only (until the 30th). Therefore, the date of October 7th is irrelvant.

The only thing that I have seen that speaks to your subject may be what was released by NIN on September 17th; and in it, it does not state times, dates or places.

What you have posted seems as though THEY are solidifying the fear mongering. What a way to distract from all the financial implosions taking place. But no one is paying attention to it anyway. People are tired of 'smoke and mirrors' from "Homeland Security".

Intelligence: Terror operation in U.S., Europe possibly imminent