Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update ~ March to global World War III

The war in Georgia seems to be continuing. The President of Russia agrees to a ceasefire but then the Russian Army continues its march deeper into Georgia. There are several factors at work here. There is a report that the Georgians shelled Russian forces after the "cease fire". But the real driving force for confusion on the Russian side is on-going strategy disagreements at the highest level. On one hand the Russians are being painted as the aggressors by neo-con controlled western news media, even though the opposite is true. They are concerned about their image in the world. However, they see allowing the neo-con military forces and Georgian government to remain in power as a serious strategic threat. They fear that the Bush administration and other neo-con governments will pour troops, equipment, advanced military technology into Georgia if they allow the neo-con controlled Georgian government to stay in power.

The Georgian War is not apt to result in a global strategic clash between Russia and NATO if Russia destroys the neo-con puppets in control of Georgia. Remember this is at one level a strategic diversion for Russia as Bush and others prepare a Blockade on Iran (whose purpose is to kick off a war on Iran). On a even higher level, this is laying the groundwork for a global Third World War and is in fact very early stages of WWIII.

The Kuwaiti Crown Prince says his nation will NOT support a war on Iran. This is a complicating factor for the neo-con forces. Bush administration heavy weights and Iranian heavy weights have been very busy calling on Middle Eastern nations lately. Some nations are signing on to the war party's agenda; others are clearly opposed.

The Israeli Defense Minister (and former PM) has responded to my earth shaking article on the MASSIVE US NAVAL ARMADA HEADS TO IRAN. He says the US has not given Israel the green light to attack Iran, yet ~ or so he says.

The Jerusalem Post says the US Assistant Defense Secretary says no blockade.

The European Union has given approval for a blockade without using the word "blockade" but using the legal definition of a blockade. This was done while the world's attention is focused on the Summer Olympics and the Georgian War.

The United Kingdom's Royal Navy is not so keen to place its flagship the HMS Ark Royal in the Gulf....latest reports say that it will not be joining a blockade force.

Syria is bracing for an Israeli attack..... it fears that a large Israeli "war game" on its border will turn "active". This is placing the Syrian/Israeli border on a "hair trigger" status.

The world watches the Summer Olympics as the evil neo-con war party forces move the world towards global war. Someone over at Fox News must have gotten off script, as they have a recent article talking about the world headed to WWIII.

UPDATE: Georgia's neo-con President, Mikhail Saakashvill, says that an armored column of over 100 Russian tanks and BMPs are moving towards Georgia's second largest city.

Good article on on Georgian War quoting the Russian Deputy PM

The Earl of Stirling was interviewed on national US radio show Nutrimedical Report on 12 August 2008; he will be interviewed on Canadian radio (up to 76 stations throughout Canada) on 14 August 2008 and on the Jeff Rense national radio show in USA on 14 August 2008.

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Rodman said...

I couldn't find an article at re: WWIII - can you post a link?

David said...,2933,403121,00.html

is the link to bill o'reilly's talking points memo of 8/13/2008 on the fox news site that mentions how US energy dependence on foreign oil heightens the chances of global war.

Tokyo said...

Too bad most of the things you write cannot be even proved... To be honest, all of this sounds to me like another "Nibiru" or "chemtrails" theory. Thanks for caring though. Cheers!

The Grey Tiger said...

The beginning of WW3 if in fact this is what the Georgian conflict is all about most likely will not be a land war. The US has no troops and no equipment to fight a ground war so what are they left with? If they do bomb Iran as the blockade will no doubt launch where are they going to get the bombs to do Russia, Oh I forgot we haven't used our nukes yet!!The only hope we had of stopping this was Admiral Fallon and he's gone. We are being led by madmen and it's probably too late to remedy this now.

Randall said...

What is madness is that our Congress the do nothing feather bedders have had over 35 years to address our Energy dependence on Foreign Oil. Instead the Democrats shut off Nuclear Power, or in the case of the Left Coast. Built Nuclear Reactors then shut them down. Rancho Secco is one such insane example.

And have lambasted the Oil Giants for not solving our National Energy problems. The Oil Companies answer to their Shareholders not to the US Media or to the Democrats.

We are engaged fighting Islamic Radicalism worldwide. We have troops all over the Globe and Special Operations expansion unprecedented in our history.

A Major ground War in Europe right now would be a disaster. Who is going to get the Draft started? The GOP? The Race for President is dead even. The Democrats? Hell they wanted to surrender when we have won the War in Iraq. Are you kidding me?

Europe wouldn't step up to deal with the Balkans when Clinton was President and instead begged the US to intervene. Yeah that sure helped us out didn't it???