Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Domes for the World

I don't generally run letters to me in my blog but this one is so worthy that I am making an exception. Domes For The World Foundation helps poor people in Third World nations build high quality low cost housing based on dome construction. Check them out and send them a donation if you can. Thanks. Tim Earl of Stirling

Dear Dome Enthusiasts,

As you know, I am chairman of the Domes For The World Foundation.
My daughter, Rebecca, is President. She is pushing in all directions to
get more funding through various resources, but we need your help.

At least a half million people are still homeless in Java, Indonesia
after the terrible earthquake of May 2006. Right now we have the
opportunity to build simple, but permanent, disaster-resistant houses
for homeless families for only $2000 each.

Over the last few months we have been able to build four homes from
donations from people like you. But, so much more is needed.

We are asking those who can afford it to donate anything from $20 to
$100 (or more) over the next two weeks in hopes of raising $4000 to
build two more homes.

Anyone who donates in the next 2 weeks will be included on an email
list to recieve daily reports and photos of the construction process.
You'll see letters from the family(ies) and be able to interface
directly with our Indonesian superintendents.

Please see the following to veiw descriptions of the families we would
like to help this month:

To donate, go to: Again,
anyone who donates $20 or above in the next two weeks will be included
in all email updates-- with photos-- about the homes as they are being

During the past two years DFTW has built over 100 dome homes in 4
countries. Please check regularly.

Thanks for your consideration.

David B. South,
Chairman--Domes For The World
President-- Monolithic Dome Institute

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