Thursday, August 21, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I asked viewers for their advice to a friend of a friend of mine in the Philippines who has advanced breast cancer. I was looking for a reasonable low cost alternative cancer treatment for her. I thought a Rife Machine/Rife Therapy would work but the cost was simply too high.

Many kind people wrote in to suggest alternative cancer treatments. I will summarize the suggestions here.

I watched my beloved young wife die of ovarian cancer. I cannot recommend any of the treatments/suggestions below but I can tell you that if you have cancer that has spread don't count on chemo or traditional medicine to save your life. Consider all options. Most physicians will not take chemo treatments themselves if they have advanced cancer.

The suggestions are not in any special order. Where possible I have links to sites and further information. I don't have Rife links here but you can do a search of Rife, Rife Machines, and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to locate a ton of information on this great man and his cancer cures.

Essiac Tea ~ three cups a day.

Magnesium ~ link

Dr. Tullio Simoncini ~ believes that cancer is a fungus; uses baking soda injections (phamaceutical grade bicarbonate) to cure cancer ~ his website
a video on him

Alkalinization diet ~ read Robert O. Young's book "The Ph Miracle Cure" ~ also add the unadulterated juice of one lemon to every glass of water and drink plenty of water daily. While acidic, lemon juice converts to alkaline in the body.

Hulda Clark Zappers ~ low cost Rife type electronic devices ~ link

Dr. William Deagle, MD at NutriMedical (I know Dr. Bill; he is a brilliant man) ~ link

Dr. Robert C. Beck has a Rife type zapper that you can build yourself (sorry no link).

High dose intravenous Vitamin C ~ link

Poseidon's Harvest ~ link

Red Pill Reich ~ link

Killing Cancer Cells with high pH Therapy ~ I cannot get the link to work; it is on

Mega-doses of Vitamin C in the form of C-SALTS ~ link

Books, herbs, very low priced Zapper (Rife like) ~ link

MMS ~ miracle mineral supplement ~ link

Brazil nuts ~ 2500 times as much selenium as any other nut ~ Selenium is a powerful antioxidant ~ sorry no link.

The Budwig Diet ~ sorry no link.

Breast Cancer Deception article from Natural ~ link

Articles on breast cancer at Natural ~ link

Injected Vitamin C kills cancer article ~ link

Good "true fiction" novel, "The Poison Plum" by Les Roberts ~ link

Credence Online ~ link

Alternative Cancer Net ~ link

If you know of anyone with cancer pass this information on to them or to someone close to them. Please consider posting this on blogs where the information might save a life.


Steven said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:

bluelotus said...

Intravenous vitamin C (ascorbate) is effective against 75% of cancers. Ascorbate dose should be approx. 50g/day, single infusion.