Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Advanced Breast Cancer

This is a request for anyone reading this who has any alternative medicine suggestion for a friend of a friend of mine who has advanced breast cancer. The lady, Sarah, lives in Manila area of the Philippines. I would suggest a Rife Machine but they cannot afford it and cannot find any Rife based treatment there. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR HER? Please write to me at earlofstirling@ and I will pass the information along.


Tim Earl of Stirling


jodimcmullen said...

I would personally immediately start the FlaxSeed Oil Budwig Protocol. There are Yahoo message groups and info is plentiful from actual cancer patients. They aren't selling anything, just help. FlaxSeedOil2 is agood board.

Mary said...

Go to
This will give you the recepie for Oleander Soup, you can make it yourself, it has a very high success rate of curing cancer, even advanced cancer.

DKO said...

I recommend to check out:
and to buy Hirneise's book:

AgentGenev said...

I strongly recommend that she starts doing QIGONG right away. The chinese wellness system has been proven effective against cancer many times.

Every day practice is necessary.