Monday, August 11, 2008

08/08/08 The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War


The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War

The Olympics are what is right about the world. On this last Friday, the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the new millennium we witnessed a fantastic spectacle, a peaceful gathering of the many nations of our small blue planet; a competition of the best young athletes from all over the world. The Olympics make us proud to be humans; proud to be citizens of Earth.

Sadly on this same day, we saw what future historians will count as the day that the Third World War began. It was designed this way, by the evil people who worked hard to begin the war under the cover of the Olympics.

We all like to be right, myself included, but sometimes it is not so wonderful. I have written a series of articles over the last few weeks on the coming nightmare centered on the neo-con grand strategy. I predicted the outbreak of hostilities in Georgia and Russia and said that there is a strong link between what is happening there and to what is about to happen against Iran. I said that the war in Georgia was intended as a strategic distraction for Russia as America, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and others prepare for their naval blockade of Iran, but a strategic distraction that would backfire.

As Russian troops and air force pilots, and thousands of Russian civilians, die in combat in Europe for the first time since 1945 (in a war between sovereign nations), only miles from their homeland (on land that was part of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union for centuries), the sleeping Russian Bear has been awaken and filled with a terrible resolve. The fact that only within the last few weeks have the 1,000+ American Marines, sent in to train the Georgians for this very war, left is not overlooked by the Russians. The fact that (according to DEBKE the well connected Israeli strategy and military site) over 1,000 Israeli “mercenaries” are actively engaged in combat with the Russian Army on the side of the Georgians is also not overlooked. The fact that the American neo-con administration and the Israelis have been engaged in a furry of advanced arms sales and deliveries over the last year, and that these weapons are killing Russians on their historic territory, is not overlooked. The fact that the Bush administration tried very hard to get its European NATO partners to accept Georgia as a NATO member without success (too many European nations saw the trap and smelled a rather large rat), and the fact that had this neo-con gambit succeeded NATO would be in war against Russia now ~ this also is not overlooked by the Russian bear. The fact that the Georgian Defense Minister is a ‘former’ Israeli and many current and retired Israeli generals are deeply involved in Georgia is also not overlooked by the Russian bear.

The American supported, Israeli commando staffed, attack on the civilian population of South Ossetia ~ where Georgian troops conducted volley-fire artillery cleanings of a number of villages and settlements housing Russian citizens, destroying people’s homes and killing 1,500 civilians (and killing 10 lightly armed Russian peacekeeping troops and wounding 30) in the opening stages of the attack ~ is also not overlooked by the Russians. This is the Russian 9/11.

While the Russian 9/11 was taking place, the European Union, acting under cover of the media coverage of the Olympics, has formally approved a blockade of Iran (not using the word blockade but establishing tough new sanctions on Iran with cargo inspections and intercepts ~in other words a BLOCKADE). Neither Russia nor China, which gets a large percentage of its oil and natural gas from Iran, are willing to allow this to happen. The strategic distraction for Russia is not going to work; nor is China going to allow its distraction ~ the hosting of the Olympics ~ to rob it of its strategic source of oil and natural gas, so necessary for its economy.

Grand strategy is very interesting and complex. It is rather like space chess or space checkers ~ played on several levels. However, in real life grand strategy, the various levels have players that are often not aware of the nature of the game on the level above.

We have the Israeli population, a majority who support an attack on Iran, “to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons of mass destruction”, who do not know that the Iranians already have advanced biological weapons of mass destruction with potential kill levels very similar to that of strategic nuclear war. They will pay with their lives for this lack of knowledge. On one level, the neo-cons are all about creating a new Middle East environment where Israel is safe from any regional Muslin power and holds regional military supremacy. On another level, the global bankers are using Israel and the neo-cons to bring about the End Game of their long quest to establish a New World Order with themselves as lords and masters of all those allowed to remain alive.

At one level, the public is told that Iran “must be stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons” and that this is the reason for whatever action is necessary. Of course, we are not told ~ at least by the main stream news media ~ that even the American intelligence establishment (as well as United Nations inspectors) state clearly that the Iranian nuclear enrichment program is but several orders of magnitude below that necessary for a nuclear weapons program. The reality is that the nuclear enrichment issue is but a smokescreen for the on-going neo-con grand strategy. This same grand strategy gave us the 9/11 false flag attacks in America, the 7/7 false flag attack in England, and the Bali and Spanish false flag “terrorist” attacks and the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. The next targets on the hit list of the neo-con grand strategy are Syria and Iran. This has been the plan for years and the neo-cons are staying on course.

If the well being of Israel is not the reason for the grand strategy at the highest level, we have to ask ourselves just what in the hell is the driving force. Sadly the answer lies in the wording of the question just posed ~ Hell. At a certain level you simply cannot separate the military/economic/political/strategic from the spiritual. When you analyze the grand strategy being employed, you essentially have to come to the conclusion that it is either so damn crazy as to be a form of mass insanity by its backers or just plain evil. I think that it is the latter.

The blockade is not being set up to “stop” the Iranians ~ there is in reality nothing to stop in terms of a nuclear weapons program and they already have a global strategic advanced biowar (ABW) program that is as good as a global strategic nuclear war program at a fraction of the cost. The blockade is being set up to cause a war. To cause a war with a nation that has a true MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment with the neo-con controlled nations. To cause a war that will eventually result in the use of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world. To cause World War III.

The “strategic diversion”, that is the war between Georgia and Russia, is being set up to drive Russia into the devil’s brew of the coming war; you can bet that China will also be given good “reasons” to be totally committed in the days and weeks ahead.

There are certain global banking families who have made countless billions and even trillions over the last 200+ years organizing wars, economic depressions, revolutions, etc. to profit on everyone’s misery. They have been very successful at this. But it is simply too late in human history to be doing this now. The level of mass murder/destruction from 21st Century warfare is beyond our ability to recover. So why continue. Again, we get back to the question is this just totally crazy or just plain evil.

On the 5th of August, days before the attack on South Ossetia, in my article “The Good and the Bad and the Truly Ugly”, I quoted an interesting prophecy from Nostradamus, Quatrain X.74 which reads "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." This could refer to the Seven Year Tribulation, which could well be the time from 9/11/01 to 9/11/08, at the time of the Olympic Games, not far from the age of the great millennium (the beginning of the Third Millennium in 2000/2001), and Armageddon (when many dead saints are suppose to "come out of their graves"). It is interesting that the dates of the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks and now the 8/8/8 attack all have occult meanings.

I suspect that this is all simply unstoppable. However, being human we want to live not be killed in some insane Third World War. The trouble is, time is very short and most political leaders are totally corrupt, bought and paid for time and again by many of the same forces arranging the coming global war. Still, if you want to live, contact your political leaders and demand that they stop the coming war on Iran and the resulting global nightmare. It may be you only hope to stop the events that are unfolding before our very eyes.


Update: Bush has ordered US military forces to begin the delivery of "humanitarian" aid. Now Georgian President Saakashvili says that this means that America will take control of Georgian ports. If Bush tries to bully Russia using US military things could get bad, really bad, quick. Hopefully this will not happen. Link to a story on this.


The two-ton elephant in the living room of the neo-con strategy is the advanced biowar (ABW) that Iran, and to a lessor extent Syria, has. This places the motherlands of the major neo-con nations (America, France, the United Kingdom), as well as Israel, in grave danger. When the Soviet Union fell the Iranians hired as many out-of-work former Soviet advanced biowar experts as possible. In the last 15 or so years they have helped to develop a truly world class ABW program utilizing recombination DNA genetic engineering technology to create a large number of man made killer viruses. This form of weapon system does not require high tech military delivery systems. The viruses are sub-microscopic and once seeded in a population use the population itself as vectors. Seeding can be done without notice in shopping malls, churches, and other public places. The only real defense to an advanced global strategic biowar attack is to lock down the population as rapidly as possible and let those infected die off.

If this were more widely known, it would be a great casus pax, a reason for peace, as war between enemies both having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is insane. Hence the aptly named "MAD", for mutually assured destruction, where both sides can cause truly massive fatalities on their enemy in the event of a all out war.

My recent article, WAR ON IRAN: THE PERFECT STORM FROM HELL, carried by several of the leading on-line/non-MSM sites, and read by hundreds of thousands world wide was a frightening eye opener for many to the intense danger from a all-out war between US/EU/Israel on one side and Iran/Syria/Hezhollah/Hammas on the other side. The public has been largely ignorant about the rise of a new type of global strategic warfare based on Advanced Biological War (ABW). Most people understand Biological War (BioWar or BW) as powered anthrax or smallpox and the like. That is really "your grandfather's biowar". Over the last twenty-five or so years, an entire new level of mass killing has evolved. Only this new ABW has a technology base that is far less expensive than than required for entry into the "nuclear club" of nuclear weapon producing nations. Where it costs approximately $1 million to kill a person using nuclear weapons, it only costs approximately $1 to kill one person using ABW weapons. Comparing BW to ABW is like comparing a old Model T Ford to a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom ~ both are automobiles (or types of biological warfare) but there is a difference of several orders of magnitude. ABW has a kill level in global strategic warfare similar to that of nuclear war.

It is a known fact that when the Soviet Union fell, the Iranians offered US$5,000 a month salaries to a large number of destitute out-of-work former Soviet biowar experts. Not all took Iran up on the offer, but many did. The Iranians have built up, over the last 15 plus years a truly world class ABW program, as well as co-developing with Syria the Earth's largest chemical warfare program. ABW weapons do not require ICBMs and $2 billion dollar per copy B2 bombers to kill hundreds of millions. The genetically engineered viruses are sub-microscopic and can be spread unnoticed in public places and continue spreading, through replication from person to person. An advance global strategic biological war, like a global strategic nuclear war, cannot be kept in control. In fact, the horrific massive death from global strategic biowar will certainly lead to all-out nuclear war between Russia/China and NATO/Israel.


Mark said...

You missed a major prelude to the Georgie/Russia conflict: the U.S. just finished a major joint military exercise with Georgia that included over 1000 U.S. personnel, hundreds of NATO troops, and the Georgian military. The U.S./Georgia/NATO exercises were held from July 15th to July 30 called Operation Immediate Response 2008.

Tellustanian said...

Great stuff,

Of course Russians recognized the putrid Kosher smell in Georgia.

Blame to us who have sacrificed so many South-Ossetians just to learn how the Russian military may work - and we learned nothing.

Historia said...

This is the THIRD world war to start within 100 years - just ONE century. That is enough to say that we are an uncivilised race.

We Humans like to think of ourselves as civilised, but we are not. If we were a truely civilised race - we would NOT STILL be having wars.

William R. Schultz / The Majority Voice said...

Deek Jackson's current video predicted something major for 08/08/08
See it here:

Pablo said...

I believe the number of indicators in one particular direction has passed the point of mere chance, possibility and even probability. The time has come to speak of certainty. It is certain that the western conglomerate will attack Iran. Russia (and China) cannot afford not to get involved. This will inevitably lead to a III World War.
Two consolations remain:
-Nuclear explosions will be an astounding show of awsome beauty. You need to get out of town for that of course, and be willing to live a little longer.
-Human kind, like rats and cockroaches will survive.


Jesuso Christo said...


We all appriciate your writing a lot, but please, some sources are needed for us to take this as facts.

Please give us a few sources, or at least information on how you have acquired this information!

Thank you for this blog!

TheEpiphany said...

Very insightful Article! There is so much happening that is never reported until it is too late! To help with a "true" perspective, I suggest you read THE EPIPHANY DECEPTION!
It links the Oil, Middle East, Iran and the real unseen battle!
Control the OIL=Control the World!

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

The time has come, the harvest is ripe.
Hopefully this comment will not be censored.

The Faithful Witness

First Gate Dreamer said...

Very interesting article indeed! Sounds quite convincing but I'm not going to bank on any of this, nor the 2012 prophecies. There isn't a whole lot I can do about these things besides always live my life to the fullest.

One thing... I have to admit I instantly became more skeptical of this site when I hear the author start talking about Nostradamus.

And because of this I agree wholly with jesuso and would like to see yet a few more references, particularly regarding the Naval War Games and the blockade/embargo (even though I understand the whole thing of doing this under cover of the Olympics)

Eraneo said...

Yet again world leaders talk of peace. But as mortal human beings, with to much testosterone and power, the probability is that they will set the stage to engage in yet another conflict that further threatens global peace & economic stability.
Beating the drums of war doesn't help!!

Rodman said...

I agree with the other commentators - I am enjoying reading your blog and will continue to do so, and I'm watching the world and hoping (any praying) that people come to their senses... - BUT I would also like to see more links to news sites or pages backing up the points - and I also hesitate a bit when I see Nostradamus quoted - he's been making people think the end of the world is coming for a long time now - keep up the good work

jaro said...

According to the CBC Documentry 911 Conspiracies is anyone who questions the 911 official story will be labelled a" conspiracy theorist".Regardless if this is true or not you must look at the motives of 911 truthers and that of Mainstream Media.


jaro said...

According to the CBC Documentry 911 Conspiracies is anyone who questions the 911 official story will be labelled a" conspiracy theorist".Regardless if this is true or not you must look at the motives of 911 truthers and that of Mainstream Media. (WATCH THIS VIDEO CALLED MONEY TALKS)

Anonymous said...

It is sad that those claiming to be educated are the least intelligent and most dangerous among us... the author of this extremely anti-semitic article is a prime example. It is sad that the cradle of life on this planet is determined to become the grave. It is sad that those like yourselves, due to a visceral hatred of your ancestors, the truth, and everything your mothers ever taught you, voted into office the very beginning to the end as we know it. mtg