Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Nightmare of the British Labour Party

Will British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown keep his job? While there are serious efforts to seek his removal, so far Jack Straw and other cabinet ministers are supporting Brown. A number of years back the Canadian Conservative Party was in a terrible position going into a election and a few months before the election they replaced their Prime Minister, it did not save them and in fact they ended up not even being the official Loyal Opposition after that election.

Many years ago the British Labour Party replaced the Liberal Party as the official Loyal Opposition party and then eventually formed the Government-of-the-Day. Since then they have always been either the governing party or the leading opposition party. In the summer of 2008 things are looking so bad that most Labour MPs are expecting to lose their Parliament seats. But with the global economic sickness in its early stage and far far worse to come, especially if the neo-cons launch a insane war on Iran, the voter backlash against the Labour Party is apt to be so strong that the Liberal Democrats will knock Labour into third place, setting the Liberals up for an eventual return to Number 10 and Labour for "just above minor party" status.

The Labour Party has not gotten over the rule of the failed spin masters, Blair and company. If Blair and several of his top people had went to jail for selling peerages, it would have had a cleaning effect on the Labour Party and while they still would have likely lost the next election, they would most likely have survived as one of the two main political parties in the United Kingdom. The deal between Brown and Blair, which saw Blair agreeing to a summer resignation in return for no one facing prison time has turned out to be another spin into trouble for Labour. I outlined how just my case alone (the attempted shake down of myself for a major "contribution" for a life peerage) could have put Blair and several senior members of his government in prison in my book CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN.

It is interesting that the Labour MPs ..... having done their very best to pass thousands of new laws, to fund one police state type surveillance camera for every 17 citizens, to trash traditional British rules of fairness and tradition, to discard hundreds of years of British constitutional law and to seek to ruin the House of Lords (to eliminate the ability of the hereditary peers to stand up to the corrupt government of the day) ..... are now facing the future as out-of-power political has beens or as future members of a little more than minor party in Parliament.


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