Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Imperial Russia Being Reborn

The shocking ~ to some people not to me ~ announcement that former Russian President and current Prime Minister/strongman of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has also been named Prime Minister of the Belarus-Russia Union comes as a surprise to many. However readers of my Web and articles will recall two articles of mine last year: the first, "Putin's Strategy ~ A Romanov Restoration" (6 November 2007); and secondly, "Union of Russia and Belarus Soon" (13 December 2007).

Vladimir Putin is putting back together the old Russian Empire/Soviet Union, at least the key European parts thereof. Belarus, which is closest to Mother Russia, is the easiest and it is happening first. The Ukraine is the crown jewel of the "outside of Russia" key parts of the old Empire. It will come next. The likely person to serve as Head of State for such a state, one with strong links to the Orthodox faith and tradition in these nations is the Imperial heiress to the Empire's rulers for over 300 years, the Grand Duchess Maria Vladimorovna. She will return as Empress of the Russian Empire. Vladimir Putin will be the Prime Minister and chief strongman of the united countries in the Russian Empire.

This is unfolding now and will continue to unfold this year. Putin could have changed the Russian Constitution so that he could have served an additional term or terms as President. But the fact is, he has far grander ideas. He is a statesman and a Russian to his core; he is also a powerful leader determined to grow his personal power beyond the borders of the reduced Russian rump state that was left as the results of the breakup of the Soviet Union. A new Empire, with the vast oil, and natural resources that are being assembled in it, will be a powerful new superpower. One that with its alliance with China, will seek to impose its will on the world.

Expect a profound clash with the neocon forces in the Western nations (NATO, Australia, Japan, etc.) as the alliances (Russia, China, and some Muslin and other nations) grow. This is the key to a coming World War III.


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