Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cash For Peerages: How The "Disease" That Forced Blair From Office Has Infected Brown

The same "disease" that forced Tony Blair from office has now infected his successor Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown was able to take over the British Prime Minister's office due to the over year long "Cash for Peerages" scandal. The scandal involved Tony Blair and senior members of his Government and his Labour Party in the taking of large sums for "donations" and "loans" for honours (knightships and the like) and life peerages (title of baron/baroness with the right to sit and vote in the upper chamber, the House of Lords, of the UK Parliament). Now, only a few months after taking office it is Mr. Brown who is deeply mired in the same sticky mess.

The General Secretary of the British Labour Party, Mr. Peter Watt, has resigned and a leading London newspaper, The Telegraph, reports that "The Labour fund raising scandal has descended into open warfare between Gordon Brown and his deputy Harriet Harman after Ms. Harman effectively blamed the Prime Minister's inner circle for her decision to accept an illegal donation." Ms. Harman is the Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party and a senior member of the British Cabinet (Minister for Women and Equality; prior to this she was Minister of State at the Department for Constitutional Affairs/Ministry of Justice from 2005-2007). Her husband, Jack Dromey, is the Treasure of the British Labour Party.

The Prime Minister has admitted that the Labour Party illegally accepted 670,000 pounds (about US$1.34 million) from David Abrahams. Mr. Abrahams, who is also known as David Martin, used four front men/women to make the unreported donations in clear violation of United Kingdom law. The Electoral Commission has referred the matter to the police and Scotland Yard is now preparing to launch a full-scale criminal inquiry. Mr. Abrahams is reported to be Gordon Brown's third biggest donor. Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police John Yates, who headed the cash-for-peerages probe, will be advising the police investigation.

Ms. Harman's husband, Labour Treasure Jack Dromey, claims to know nothing of the latest illegal donations to his party's coffers. This has prompted the Conservative Party Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Theresa May, MP, to say to Ms. Harman, "You, the Prime Minister and the Labour Party Treasure are like the three wise monkeys. You see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil." The Prime Minister's senior people are claiming that neither he nor Jack Straw, the Lord Chancellor, knew anything of the illegal donations.

All of this is no surprise to me. I know most of the people involved in the cash-for-peerages probe and supplied a large number of documents to the police at the personal request of Assistant Commission Yates. In fact John Yates personally interviewed me and I spoke to and corresponded with a number of his senior investigators. The information that I supplied the police team with could have put several senior cabinet ministers in prison including Ms. Harman. It was a political deal, resulting in Tony Blair's agreement to resign, that allowed all parties to walk away without doing serious prison time.

Even though I am an American (from an old and famous Scottish family) I am a former Scottish Editor at the famous London publishing/genealogical firm Burke's Peerage. I owned a Scottish castle for a dozen years (with two feudal baronies) and successfully claimed an historically important set of Scots Peerage titles in my clan. In August of 1999, after almost ten years of a public claim by right of succession, I used a Scots Peerage Law procedure (an Assumption at Law) to call out of dormancy the Earldom of Stirling, the Viscountcy of Canada, etc. I was allowed to sit in the House of Lords as Lord Stirling on a trip to London in December 1999.

However, I requested a "resettlement-by-Letters Patent" (a process unique to Scots Peerage Law and unknown to modern English Peerage Law) to eliminate the male only rules of succession to my titles. My wife had died young of ovarian cancer and we had not had any children, my younger brother is a confirmed bachelor, but my sister (younger than me but older than my brother) and her children cannot succeed due to the sexist rules of male primogeniture. As my titles are pre-Union Scottish titles it is Scots Peerage Law that applies not English Peerage Law. Scots Law does allow for such a resettlement. I offered, during a visit to Labour Party headquarters to take dual citizenship and to take the Labour Whip in the event that my request for a resettlement were granted. A unique twist to Scots Peerage Law says that a resettled title has the "effect" of a new title and the rules of the "reformed" House of Lords allow "new" hereditary peers a life peerage with voting membership (most hereditary peers lost the right to vote in the House of Lords a few years ago in one of Blair's "reforms").

What I did not offer to do, was to "donate" or "loan" the Labour Party a couple of million. The going rate for a life peerage, under Blair was a "donation" or "loan" of over one million pounds (about $2 million or more). Of course, this was highly illegal under British Law but that did not stop Blair and his senior people. There was a major effort to shake me down for a donation, but this tight Scotsman/American would not play or pay. I brought a legal action on the issue of sexual equality before the European Court of Human Rights. The Blair administration and specifically the Department for Constitutional Affairs/Lord Chancellor's office were the focus of the shake down. At one point they were so arrogant as to lie in writing and to do so in a way that constituted obstruction of justice before the European Court. I wrote to Harriet Harman direct on this matter on July 6th and July 21st of 2005 and was answered (and basically told to go to hell) on July 22, 2005. This directly involved her in the obstruction of justice issue and the cash for peerages issue. As a former Solicitor General (Law Officers Department 2001-2005) she was fully knowledgeable as to the seriousness of the matters, but Blair's people were known for their arrogance and corruption. That this woman was chosen as Cabinet Minister for Women and Equality is almost beyond belief.

I have written a book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN (published by Lulu; see, on this whole affair. The interesting thing is that Tony Blair's last ditch legal argument was that his recommending of the life peerages to donors was not illegal as they were to be "working peers" and therefor they were not receiving "honours" under the Honours (Prevention of Abuse) Act of 1925. As my case involved not only a possible life peerage but also a set of hereditary peerages it destroyed Tony Blair's only legal defense, and the key people both on his side and those opposed to him, knew it.

The "tar baby" that destroyed Tony Blair seems to be sticking to Gordon Brown. It will be interesting to see if he takes the necessary steps to disinfect himself and if he can do so quickly enough to save his premiership.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Putin's Strategy ~ A Romanov Restoration

November 7, 2007 Ninety years since the end of the 300+ year long reign of the Imperial Romanov dynasty. With Presidential elections looming in March the "outgoing" President Putin continues to act very much as one not about to leave power, but what is he really up to?

The world was mystified, a couple of months ago, when Russian President Vladimir Putin
dismissed the Prime Minister and replaced him with the little known Viktor Zubkov instead of the "expected" Sergei Ivanov (current Deputy Prime Minister and "leading candidate" to replace Putin as President in 2008). The Toronto Star newspaper, in an article titled "PUTIN'S MYSTERIOUS MANEUVERS" , asks if the President of Russia has "abandoned the scripted succession , embarking on a new scheme altogether".

The current Russian Constitution forbids a President from more than two successive terms as President. There was no doubt that Putin had the political power to amend the Constitution to change this. He simply decided not to do so and a normal change to the Constitution is not possible in the remaining time before Presidential elections next Spring. The thing is, Putin does not act like a man willing to leave the most powerful office in his nation. There is much speculation that he is appointing the 66 year old financial regulator as Prime Minister with the intention of running him as President as an interim place holder for Putin (with Putin returning to the Presidency in four years) , as he seems to have "no apparent political ambition". Funny, that is similar to what was said of Putin himself, when Yeltsin appointed him Prime Minister and effectively turned over the Presidency itself to him later. Vladimir Putin is well aware that he cannot hold onto the reins of real power, and be sure of maintaining that power, if he leaves office.

So just what is he up to? To understand his strategy we need to look at the man and his long term intentions for his beloved Russia. He is Russian to his very bones; and Russians are very "Russian" and suspicious of all foreigners. Public museums that charge admission in Russia, have two prices, one for foreigners and another for Russians. As someone who had a Russian girlfriend for a while, and got to see a personal side of Russia I can tell you that I have never been in a nation that was so focused on its identify and one that views all non-citizens as suspicious outsiders. To Russians, the world is divided up between Russians and "foreigners".

Putin has made it very clear that in his opinion the brake-up of the Soviet Union was a very great historical tragedy. The twin centers of the Russian soul throughout many hundreds years of its history was Orthodoxy and the Tsars. The Soviet Revolution overthrew the Romanov Dynasty and as much as possible, sought to destroy the ancient Orthodox faith of the Russian people. Vladimir Putin has been a very strong supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church, and any traveling in Russia will show one just how significant the re-flowering of the ancient faith is. The old Imperial Family is well respected in Russia, and the Russian Orthodox Church has made saints out of the last Tsar and his murdered family. However, there is no great demand for an Imperial Restoration. Putin himself is the one most admired in polls of the Russian people.

So why would Vladimir Putin want to bring back the Romanovs, if only in a ceremonial Head of State role? Belarus and the Ukraine are two reasons, as are various other now separated republics of the former Soviet Union. When Yeltsin buried the Soviet Union, the leaders of the various major republics in the old USSR took the opportunities presented to them and took full power for themselves within their republics. It is easy to turn a aquarium into fish soup but very hard to turn that fish soup back into an aquarium. Putin seeks to restore Russia to its proper power and place among nations. One of the central problems in doing this is to get the various former parts of the old Russian Empire/USSR to agree to come back fully into Russia's tent. Even Belarus, the republic closest to Mother Russia has failed to merge itself back into Russia. It has, however, formed a very close union with Russia.

By replacing the current Russian Constitution with one that restores the Romanov Dynasty as Emperors/Tsars Putin can in one action, both continue the restoration of traditional Russian culture and pride AND establish a transnational Empire to gather Russia's former nations together, limitedly at first but more intensively as time goes on. The Russia-Belarus Union could become the reborn Russian Empire with HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimorovna as the new Empress over both nations. Of course, she (as Empress and Head of State) would have limited power and that would be largely dictated by the Russian Head of Government. The Belarus political class would still have their independence ~ more or less, certainly less over time ~ and Russia would have a powerful tool to begin the reuniting of the Russian Empire/USSR, which was broken apart only a few years ago. The Ukraine will be an early target, as well several other former republics. At first the new Empress Maria will simply be a tool for a more in-depth union of Russia and Belarus but the strategy will be to expand the renewed Russian Empire and to expand Russian central governmental influence over the various national parts of the Empire including greater military "cooperation". Russia's new wealth, based on its oil and natural gas holdings, will be utilized to grease the way for putting back together most of the land mass that the Tsars and Soviets ruled.

Look for Vladimir Putin to fill the role of Head of Government in the Kemlin and the new Empress to reign in the old Imperial capitol of St. Petersburg bringing new life to Putin's favorite Russian city (his hometown) and the fantastic Russian showcase Winter Palace, as well as the palaces in Tsarskoe Selo. This will allow him to remain as leader of Russia, while allowing a new ceremonial Head of State in order to continue his strategy of both restoring historic Russia, and to ensuring its status as a leading great power in the Twenty-First Century.


Cancer Cure

Wired Magazine has just come out with a very interesting article that involves vibrational medicine. The name of the article is "Superfast Laser Turns Virus Into Rubble" and its author is Alexis Madrigal (date of article is 11.01.07). The article covers a discovery by two researchers, a father-son team, Kong-Thon Tsen (a physics professor at Arizona State University) and his son Shaw-Wei Tsen (a pathology student at Johns Hopkins University). These two have discovered that by using a ultrashort-pulse laser (USP) they can destroy the protein shell (called a capsid) of viruses in a way that will not destroy human cells.

The principle involved is known as "forced resonance". The USP laser is tuned to the same frequency that the virus vibrates on and the volume is turned up. In much the same way that a opera singer can shatter crystal glass, the USP laser vibrates the targeted virus until it breaks.

While this is a great discovery, and I hate to rain on anyone's parade, there exists technology that can already do this using non-laser frequencies. This is a Rife Machine. It was invented by the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s. The Rife Machine is a frequency generator that usually uses two pads, one for each wrist. There is a considerable list of frequencies that are claimed to cure most cancers and many other diseases including biological infections. A Google Search will turn up a number of companies selling Rife Machines and considerable pro and con articles on the late Dr. Rife.

My late wife died of ovarian cancer over eight years ago. When we learned of the Stage III C Ovarian Cancer diagnosis, we knew that there was virtually no hope, but like most we did all the chemotherapy poison and in the end my wife died at age 43. I wish I had known of Dr. Rife and his vibrational medicine. The major pharmaceutical companies, known collectively as "Big Pharma", make the most money treating you NOT curing you. Rife Therapy is one of the "suppressed technologies" in our modern society. The powers that be do NOT want you to know about them because billions and billions of dollars are at stake. It matters not, how many hundreds of millions die that could otherwise be saved. What matters the most to some very powerful forces/people/companies is money ~ their god.

Anyone that has cancer or a medical condition that is "incurable" should do some research on Rife Therapy and make your own decision. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box in order to survive.