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War on Iran = You Die from Biowar

If we were about to launch a massive attack and wage war on nuclear armed Russia and China, there would be mass fear, panic, and widespread knowledge that the END would be upon most of us....that the resulting counter-strike from Russian and Chinese nuclear forces would kill most of us. However, we are rapidly approaching war with Iran, a nation that can deliver the same level of death upon Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc. that the combined nuclear weapons of Russian and China can deliver. Yet, most people do not understand the real and present grave danger to themselves and their families, neighbors, co-workers, etc. We remain focused on the stock market, the price of oil, the next election, sports, etc., and fully expect to see 2008 and beyond.

We have been conditioned, by seeing films of mushroom clouds and images of nuclear destruction in Japan at the end of WWII, to have some understanding of the horrific effects of a nuclear war. We have NOT been conditioned to understand the effects of Twenty-first Century advanced biological war. The kill numbers are very similar, just with biowar you don't get the "big bangs", the mushroom clouds, the nuclear bombers, the ICBMs, etc. Just sub-microscopic genetically engineered super killer viruses that we have absolutely no defense against, delivered in secret, with a slow horrifying unstoppable migration through the global human population. All the fear of a naturally mutated form of "bird flu" that might kill tens of millions is simply "child's play" compared to multiple designer military viruses that are built to kill in the many hundreds of millions to billions of people globally.

It costs approximately US$1 million to kill one person with nuclear weapons-of-mass destruction but only approximately US$1 to kill one person with biological weapons-of-mass destruction. Bioweapons are truly the "poor man's nukes". The Iranians are known to have a biological weapons program and they, and their allies, certainly have the means to deliver biowar agents into the Israeli and European and North American homelands. Bioweapons do not have to be dispersed via missiles or bombs, they are perfect for non-traditional normally non-military delivery systems. Being very small (there are, for example, typically approximately 40 million bacterial cells in every gram of soil and massively more viruses in the same gram), they lend themselves to an enormous variety of non-detectable methodologies for delivery and use in war, both regionally and globally.

What is being missed here, with all the talk of Iran developing nuclear weapons or not (depending on one's viewpoint), is that Iran is already a state that possesses WMD. HELLO, ANY WAR WITH IRAN IS HIGHLY APT TO INVOLVE LARGE SCALE DEATHS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE IRANIAN WMD THREAT. Hello again, this means that YOU...the person reading apt to die from biowar in event of a war with Iran! We are in a MAD....mutually assured destruction....pre-war state with Iran, just as we are with Russia and and to a lessor extent with China when it comes to nuclear weapons. A famous line from the movie "Wargames" (referring to engaging in nuclear war and the odds of "winning" such a war) is "the only winning move is not to play". Sad to say, this does not seem to have any bearing on the apocalyptic strategy of the neocon push for war with Iran.

The nature of biowar is that it is a "gift that keeps on giving". Once released, advanced recombination DNA based viral bioweapons will continue to spread and kill and kill ....regardless if Iran (and its ally Syria) are but a sea of green radioactive glass devoid of all life. With advanced biowar agents, it is not the quantity that counts but the quality; humans themselves become the vectors and delivery systems of the bioweapons. It does not require large amounts of weapons running into the millions or billions of tons of high explosives; nor does it require ICBMs and cruise missiles and $100 million dollar warplanes to deliver the bioweapons. A very small group of human assets, prepositioned with small amounts of easily hidden biowar weapons (submicroscopic viruses), in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, and America can begin the process that will result in the deaths of hundreds of millions or even billions of human beings. When you get right down to it, does it matter if you die from some exotic bioengineered hemorrhagic fever or from radiation poisoning/nuclear blast .......dead is still dead.

To begin to understand the truly horrific nature of the biowar threat, one only has to look to history for some "mild" examples. The Black Death bubonic pandemic, believed caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, is estimated to have killed between a third and two-thirds of Europe's population after it spread to Europe in 1347 from South-western/Central Asia.

Yersinia pestis, being a bacteria is massive when compared to a virus, and is easily treated with modern antibiotics. However, the Soviet Union's Biopreparat organization turned Black Death from a medieval plague into a 20th Century bioweapon. The Yersinia pestis bacteria was exposed to every then-known antibiotic, in a process that any advanced high school or early undergraduate college level biology class student could undertake, and the resulting antibiotic resistant Y. pestis was bred and loaded into a small number of Soviet ICBMs aimed at America. The resistant Y. pestis had also been exposed to various levels of radiation to "radiation harden" the bacteria. The intent was to hit American survivors of a nuclear war with a new and untreatable form of Black Death that itself could survive the effects of nuclear fallout.

As frighting as a totally antibiotic resistant Yersinia pestis bacteria is, it remains "child's play" compared to the more advanced recombination DNA technology used in most biowar programs. This typically involves the recombining of viral DNA into new virus, "designer virus". The Soviets, years ago, engineered a new virus that combined elements of Smallpox and Ebola. With the genetic engineering of viruses those doing the "designing" can engineer into the virus a wide number of different characteristics. For instance, an advanced hemorrhagic fever can be designed to be: airborne (capable of being transmitted via sneezing), with a very small amount of viral material required to infect a human host, with a incubation period of 14 days or longer, with most of the incubation period that is both highly contagious and at best looks like a mild version of the common cold, with the resulting hemorrhagic fever having a mortality of 90% or more.

The same technology can be used to create a large number of different viruses which can all be released on a target population at the same time, vastly complicating detection and containment and treatment programs. In fact the normal research and development process used in genetic engineering results in a large number of different new viruses.

Those nations not directly involved in a strike upon Iran, that is most of the rest of the world, will nevertheless face massive deaths within their nations...they will lose more of their citizens to the war, that we are about to unleash, than they lost in World War II and ALL THE OTHER WARS IN HISTORY COMBINED. Needless to say, this will have a profound effect on their actions towards those nations who have started the mess in the first place. The global military, political, economic, and medical chaos resulting from global biowar will make the use of nuclear weapons a likely outcome as America, the United Kingdom, France and other nations starting the war will be seen as out-of-control "mad dogs" who have unleashed World War III. The Book of Revelations speaks of one-third of the world dying, in the Final Battle, from plague ....biowar; and another one-third of the world dying from "wormwood"....which we now know to be nuclear war effects ...Chernobyl, which comes from the Ukrainian word "chornobyl", translates into wormwood (or its close relative mugwort). (Chernobyl is the site of a massive uncontrolled nuclear meltdown disaster in the Ukraine on the 26th of April 1986).

We are in a period of extreme danger to us all. Even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 60s. Yet far too many people are so uneducated as to the real dangers from advanced Twenty-first Century biowar that they are totally blind to the profound risk to their own lives.


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KKK rides again in Kentucky

The following is a story written by a friend of mine. I know some of the family of the black farmer, Mr. Harry Young, and I have to say that what has happened to Harry Young is simply terrible. His land was taken from him on the basis of a fraudulent that never existed (and other loans that he could prove were paid off, were fraudulently claimed as unpaid). He requested that the FSA provide proof that he obtained the fraudulent loan, but the FSA would not provide any paper work or canceled checks....but he still lost land worth over 3/4 of a billion dollars. What the hell is happening in America?!! And now the KKK holds cross burnings on his land!


More madness in Kentucky: Black farmer's foreclosed land used for Klan meetings
by Monica Davis ( davis4000_2000 [at] )
Monday Oct 8th, 2007 8:51 PM
He is the last black farmer in three Kentucky counties, and, at 80 years of age, Harry Young has already had to bear more than most. His farm, land, which had been in the Young family for more than one hundred years, was sold out from under him by the Farm Services Administration in what remains a hotly contested sale. Now it is reportedly being used for Klu Klux Klan meetings.
Harry Young continues his legal battle to regain his land, and will talk to anyone about the injustice that he has faced. His home property is ringed with signs detailing the injustice and tourists visiting the area from as far away as Australia view the signs and ask: “How can this happen in America?”

And, they’ve only seen part of the ugliness, which surrounds Mr. Young.

So far, the farmer has filed several court actions, including a request for the US Circuit Court of Appeals to censor the federal district judge in Owensboro. Young believes the district court has not done its job, has not paid attention to numerous requests from his lawyers for documents from the government’s attorneys.

Those documents have never been handed over, despite numerous requests in open court. This action should have generated contempt citations from the judge, according to several legal experts, but no citation has ever been issued.

Young believes he has no chance in Owensboro District Court, and he has tried in vain to appeal and have the case moved into a higher court. In addition to the lower court actions, he has filed at least two class action lawsuits in federal district court, but his lawsuit, like his appeals, languish in court.

Now, if that isn’t enough, there’s another fly in the ointment. It appears that the Klan, that’s the Klu Klux Klan, is allegedly meeting on his former property, property which is adjacent to land he currently rents.

He has locked the gate which adjoins the two properties, but to no avail. It seems that someone, cut the chain and continues to meet on the property. As of this writing, he has filed a report with the county sheriff, and hopes that someone will look into the civil rights and human rights issues in the case.

The presence of the Klan in the county is nothing new. Over the past several months a group of Klansmen from Michigan have upped the ante in the racial politics of southern Indiana and western Kentucky.

Several months ago, they papered an Owensboro neighborhood with “calling cards”. The neighborhood they chose to “visit” is home to a black state legislator. Not long after that, the Klan moved their action across the river to Indiana, and left their calling cards in Newburgh.

Although thousands of white farmers have lost their land in dubious dealings with the federal farm loan agency, tens of thousands of black farmers have also lost their land, in what remains a race-based theft of property—what some civil rights activists call low tech lynchings.

Despite the so-called Black Farmer Settlement generated by the Pigford case, black farmers continue to lose land at a rate much higher than the white family farmer who is also besieged by crooked land loan officers in and out of the federal government.

While the white family farm is besieged by federal farm loan bureaucrats, the system’s institutional racism retains a special pleasure for driving black farmers out of business. Black farmers face several delaying and financial sabotage tactics, including supervised loans which cause them to waste time running back and forth to FSA offices for signatures, delayed loans which arrive too late to finance planting, collusion between local FSA officials, bankers and realtors.

Both black and white farmers have been victimized by loan officers, who receive bonuses for literally driving them out of business. The same loan officer who “services” their loans is the same person who receives a bonus for fast tracking them into bankruptcy.

Farm activists, attorneys and civil rights protestors have said the practice is a major conflict of interest, but to no avail. FSA loan officials are still receiving bonuses and farmers are still being run out of business.

The Young family farm loan is one of the worse cases of loan abuse in the nation, according to several farm rights activists. Young has proof of payment, yet the government continues to assert that he made no payment on the loan in over 20 years.

At issue are loan records, conversations with FSA officials, and corruption in the agency—that is if you believe the hundreds of anecdotal records provided by farm activists and farmers from around the nation,

While the Klan meetings on the Young family’s ancestral farm are outrageous, even more outrageous are the actions, which continue to be business as usual in FSA offices around the nation. Collusion, criminal acts, fraud, even racketeering—farm activists say the list of illegal actions on part of federal farm loan agencies is legion.

Journalists around the country have been documenting the illegal actions of the agency for decades. A 1984 article in the Oklahoma Digest claims that the predecessor of FSA—Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) violated a court order and sold land despite being under a court order not to do so. According to the Digest, “[A] nation-wide (sic) class action suit filed in North Dakota followed class-action suits in a half-dozen other states and individual damage suits brought against FmHA in federal courts. Information released under the Freedom of Information Act shows since August 1981, 56 suits have been filed against FmHA by individuals for failing to carry out the law regarding moritoriums on farms.”

In another circa 1984 case, a farm woman was unable to run her family’s dairy farm after her husband allegedly disappeared. The Digest reports that “Sheila Surface could no longer run her dairy farm with her husband gone. He disappeared after turning information over to the FBI about suspected forgery and embezzlement by FmHA against borrowers…)”

FSA has been accused of illegally charging too much interest on farm loans in cases going back to 1984. The agency has also been accused of forging and altering loan documents in cases in Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma and other states as well. Yet, despite more than 20 years worth of anecdotal and documented evidence, little or no action has been taken against the agency or its employees.

According to the 22 year old article from the Digest, FSA has illegally retained payments for milk, forcing farmers to sell cattle which were mortgaged to FSA. Then, in violation of credulity, the agency went after the farmers for “illegally selling mortgaged assets”.

And, if that wasn’t enough to add insult to injury, the agency’s employees allegedly have made illegal changes to loan agreements, long after the farmers signed those agreements. The Digest reporter notes that, “Attorneys and out-of-state FmHA officials who have examined the documents say the unauthorized changes constitute forgery to illegally foreclose on the [Surface family.]”

In a case which parallels the Young case in Kentucky, this 20 year old case seems to have all the earmarks of forgery, collusion, and even racketeering, all in living color. The reporter found numerous cases of fraud inside FmHA, including cases where federal farm loan employees refused to give borrowers print outs of their loan accounts, instances where federal employees illegally (against Fair Credit laws) provided information about borrowers to other creditors which, according to Sheila Surface’s 20 year old statement: “caused some suppliers not to extend us any more credit for fear that we were being foreclosed on and wouldn’t be able to pay future debts.”

Harry Young in Kentucky is one of hundreds of farmers who say they have been charged with loans they never applied for. They also say they have been denied access to their own loan records, and, even when some of their records “surfaced”, those records do not reflect the true status of their loan accounts.

Nationwide, these agencies have been operating without supervision, with little oversight and even less checks and balance from periodic audits. Even now, with more than 20 years of history of corruption in the system, many of FmHA’s successor offices in FSA have NEVER been audited.
While Mr. Young is outraged that the Klan is meeting on his ancestral land, he and others are more outraged at the fact that the land was sold over a bogus loan, and even when he tried to pay the phony loan and retain his land, he was not allowed to do so.

Why? Well, one reason could be the coal reserves on the land which are valued at as much as $750,000,000.

Now, how could the federal government foreclose on $750,000,000 worth of assets and sell those assets for a measly half a million dollars? That’s what Harry Young is still trying to find out. As of this writing, FSA refuses to provide documentation as to whether Young’s mineral rights were severed from foreclosure action.

So far, no one will answer his question.