Friday, April 20, 2007


The London Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard), under Assistant Commissioner John Yates, have finally completed their investigation into the "Watergate" of early 21st Century Britain. The Crown Prosecution Service now has the police files ~ look for them to conveniently delay any formal charges until after the May elections and perhaps even until after Gordon Brown is safely ensconced in No. 10.

Before I go any farther, I should tell my readers that I have provided John Yates and his police detective crew with over 200 pages of background material; that I have been interviewed by John Yates personally, at length, and that I have also spoken to several other members of his investigative staff. I was the one who began the contact with the police. I provided evidence on my peerage case and the attempt to "shake me down" for a massive "contribution"/"loan" regarding same.

I should also tell my viewers that I know a number of the "names" involved in the cash-for-peerages scandal and that my conclusions ~ as to what the likely results of the long investigation are to be ~ is at least partially based on my personal contacts and experiences.

Even though he is guilty as sin, I would be very surprised to see Tony Blair criminally charged. He is a trained lawyer and was well aware of the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act. He clearly crossed the line in linking peerages and other honours to massive "donations" and "loans" to the Labour Party. His actions were reckless and dictated by the greed for personal political power. However, I do not think that the British Establishment will allow a long serving (soon to be former) Prime Minister to face a criminal trial nor the likely conviction and prison time. Besides old Tony "knows where too many bodies are buried". I do expect that Lord Levy and a few others will face some serious unpleasantness, however, I would not in the least be surprised to see Lord Levy move to Israel to avoid prison.

The real question is what effect on the UK governmental direction and economic direction will this affair have. The short answer is very little real effect ~ but a lot of "hype" effect. When the Queen meets political or economic leaders the first question that she has for herself and her senior staff is "is he his own master". Tony Blair was most certainly not his own master. He served the interests of the international banking elite and his successors Brown and David Cameron will continue to serve the same interests. Blair with his Hugh Grant smile and his army of PR advisers was the perfect "front man". In the end all front men ware out their usefulness and are replaced by new faces that promise to "clean things up" (like Blair did when John Major was PM).

Gordon Brown is a highly intelligent political operative who is apt to have a short lease on No. 10. It really does not matter who Labour replaces Blair with; the die is cast ~ the main opposition party will win big at the next election. The same hidden economic/political forces will control things behind the throne. The economic outlook will not change much because of who is or is not in the Prime Minister's Office.