Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cancer Cure

Wired Magazine has just come out with a very interesting article that involves vibrational medicine. The name of the article is "Superfast Laser Turns Virus Into Rubble" and its author is Alexis Madrigal (date of article is 11.01.07). The article covers a discovery by two researchers, a father-son team, Kong-Thon Tsen (a physics professor at Arizona State University) and his son Shaw-Wei Tsen (a pathology student at Johns Hopkins University). These two have discovered that by using a ultrashort-pulse laser (USP) they can destroy the protein shell (called a capsid) of viruses in a way that will not destroy human cells.

The principle involved is known as "forced resonance". The USP laser is tuned to the same frequency that the virus vibrates on and the volume is turned up. In much the same way that a opera singer can shatter crystal glass, the USP laser vibrates the targeted virus until it breaks.

While this is a great discovery, and I hate to rain on anyone's parade, there exists technology that can already do this using non-laser frequencies. This is a Rife Machine. It was invented by the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s. The Rife Machine is a frequency generator that usually uses two pads, one for each wrist. There is a considerable list of frequencies that are claimed to cure most cancers and many other diseases including biological infections. A Google Search will turn up a number of companies selling Rife Machines and considerable pro and con articles on the late Dr. Rife.

My late wife died of ovarian cancer over eight years ago. When we learned of the Stage III C Ovarian Cancer diagnosis, we knew that there was virtually no hope, but like most we did all the chemotherapy poison and in the end my wife died at age 43. I wish I had known of Dr. Rife and his vibrational medicine. The major pharmaceutical companies, known collectively as "Big Pharma", make the most money treating you NOT curing you. Rife Therapy is one of the "suppressed technologies" in our modern society. The powers that be do NOT want you to know about them because billions and billions of dollars are at stake. It matters not, how many hundreds of millions die that could otherwise be saved. What matters the most to some very powerful forces/people/companies is money ~ their god.

Anyone that has cancer or a medical condition that is "incurable" should do some research on Rife Therapy and make your own decision. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box in order to survive.


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